Home Safety
Home Safety for Seniors

Community VNA and its affiliates believe strongly in working with you to keep your home safe.    We have experienced staff who can work with you to assess your home for fall prevention.
Falls in adults over 65 years of age is a national epidemic.  The Center for Disease Control states that “33% of people> 65 years of age will fall and 50% of people> 85 years of age will fall.  Women are three times more likely to have a fracture as result of the fall”.    Nearly 2.1 million emergency room visits annually are related to injuries due to falls.  Below are some simple steps you can take to keep your home safe and prevent you from falling.
Walk through your home and ask yourself the following questions:
. Do you have grab bars installed in the bathroom?  Grab bars help you to easily go in and out of your tub or shower.
. Do you have handrails on both sides of your stairways?  Handrails on both sides of the stairs help to provide you extra balance to navigate the stairs.  
. Are your hallways/walkways well lit? Well lit hallways and walkways allow you to better see if there is something in the area which will cause you to fall.
. Do you have throw rugs in your home?
. If yes, are they secured to the floor?  Throw rugs can lead to insecure footing, resulting in slips or falls.
. Are cords placed out of the traffic flow?  Cord placed in the traffic flow can lead you to slips and/or fall over the cord.
. Are your walkways cluttered?  Cluttered walkways can cause you to walk in a much smaller area and cause slips and falls.  
. Is their a telephone close to your bed?  “In Case of an emergency.  It is important to call for help”
. Do you have a light or flashlight near your bed?  Easy access to a light in the middle of the night can prevent falls.
. Are their light switches on the top and bottom of the staircase?  Well lit stairways allow you to better see the steps.
. Is footwear well fitted?  Footwear ill fitted can lead to slips and falls
. Do you use a cane or walker?  
. Have you been instructed by a licenses Physical Therapist on how to use your device?  Failure to use your cane or walker properly can lead to injuries from falling
. Did you have your vision checked annually?  Even subtle changes in vision can affect your ability to stay safe in your home.  

Community VNA’s goal is to keep you healthy and safe in your home and to prevent injuries related to falls.  Speak to you physician about staying in good physical condition.  Participate in regular exercises that improves strength, balance and coordination and most of all don’t do things that you do not feel confident in doing and take your time when moving around your home.   Discuss your concerns with your physician and contact us if you feel you need a home safety evaluation at 908-725-9355 ext 2222